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PRADA – Fondazione Prada

Set in the industrial area of Milan, Fondazione Prada was founded by the Prada family as a place to host art exhibitions. Miuccia’s focus for this season was placing fashion as equal to art so it’s pretty clear why she picked Fondazione for her SS19 show.  The vastness and obscurity of the location – filled with clear wall panels and neon lights – perfectly melted with the message of the collection: “the dualism of today’s radical freedom and extreme conservatism on the other side”.

Infusing youth into classic pieces through geometric cut-outs, neon colours and transparent chiffon dresses, the designer wanted to stimulate Prada’s young customers and engage with them. This is the aim of Fondazione too! To stimulate new generations about culture, literature, art and social topics with several expositions. The complex was created out of a discarded distillery to suggest an idea of unconventional reinvention.

Besides this, Fondazione Prada also offers one of the coolest places to have an indulgent break between visits – or after a catwalk – at Bar Luce. It has the atmosphere of an old Milanese cafe and is inspired by the aesthetics of ’40s and ‘50s Italian movies. A place to comfortably conversate, read, eat, drink and simply unwind. The ceiling resembling the roof of the landmark Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, and the pastel colours of the interiors, make it the perfect meeting spot very Instagram worthy!

Photo: Fondazione Prada

MOSCHINO – East Market Milano

One of the most interesting shows was Jeremy Scott’s. Dressing models – by sketching dresses onto them in a futuristic 2D style – he called back shapes from the ‘80s, and the haute couture vibe in a dreamy re-creation of Yves Saint Laurent’s studio. Big puffy shoulders, silhouettes enhancing the waists, huge bows, vintage hats and double breasted blazers were covered by colourful marker strokes and the iconic chains and the logo drawn on the white cloth. Referencing studio life, ruler shaped boas and scissors dresses were part of the collection. The inspirations, at least according to Scott, was the hast of the fashion world where once a designer presents one collection they already have to prepare another one.

A good place to recharge after a fashion show or get inspired for the creation of a collection, is the East Market.  Amongst the many stands there is the chance to grab some amazing vintage pieces, antiques, and to look at old curiosities and oddities forgotten in someone’s basement. It’s not only for the busy crowd, the cool locations and the treasures to find around the market, but also the possibility to taste the best Italian street food with a background of Dj sets and live music.

Photo: @eastmarket


Perhaps inspired by his own logo hung above Linate’s hangar airport, Giorgio Armani decided to set his catwalk in a purpose-built stadium with blends of Armani’s flagship store in Via Bergognone.

The guests needed passport and tickets to pass security controls and to board. Under suspended screens showing arrivals and departures more than 100 looks where shown. Embodying the travel theme the collection was built around comfortable and versatile garments. Transparent plastic anoraks and windbreakers, sequinned caps, baggy jumpers and sportswear, were painted with neon accents and snake prints.

After such an amazing journey, it’s a good idea to keep your passport and stay in Iter. From the latin word meaning travel, this new venue in the trendy Navigli area aims to bring costumers all over the Globe through an eatery and drinking experience. With a different cuisine available every 6 months is an around the World adventure. The whole experience even the interiors recall travel vibes with boarding passes, airport panels and other typical ornaments from the menu location. The eclectic and intimate atmosphere will with no doubts make the journey very cultural!

Photo: Vanity Fair
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