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Hate the gym, love the Kit?

Every year January is officially the month to get fit… after the over indulgence that the Christmas holidays bring the main thing on everyones minds as the new year starts is detoxing, joining a gym and attempting to reinvent ourselves as one of those annoyingly smug sporty people.

So far this month between the 7 of us in the Task PR team, there have been 2 new gym memberships taken out, 1 course of Zumba, 2 military fitness sessions, 1 bikram yoga, 1 lesson at a climbing wall and nearly everyone going running. How long this spurt of energy lasts for us all is debatable but what we can all agree on is that while we might hate actually going to the gym, buying the kit to go to the gym is an entirely more enjoyable activity and January wouldnt be January without a new sports inspired wardrobe… because of course this is the month we all become annoyingly smug sporty people remember?
Here is our top picks to help you achieve January fitness in true style…

The sports line from Marc Cain has some great fashion led pieces which make your drap leggings and tank top combo a thing of the past.

Sports brand Worn All Over are your one stop shop for comfortable and good quality cotton tees and hooded sweaters. With clever slogans and logos inspired by different cities around the world these pieces will most certainly make you the coolest cat on the treadmill.

While you may not actually be able to wear these for any sports activities which involve more than walking up an escalator, these wedge trainers from ASH are THE trainers to be seen in this season and have already kicked off an army of replicas on the high street. Get the real deal and then even if your fitness regime fails you will still look effortlessly sporty for months to come.