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Glitter trend – Festival seasons 2016

If, like myself you are a music lover and a festival goer, you will undoubtedly be no stranger to the glitter trend. During summer 2016 festivals across the country have been showered with glitter adorned, music fans. From the fields of Glastonbury, to the heat of Coachella, this summer trend has made its way straight to the Burberry Fall 2016 runway show. The models were sprinkled with delicate gold glitter under their eyes to compliment the sparkly Christmas statement pieces exhibited this year from Burberry.

Despite penetrating the high fashion scene, the glitter trend has taken interesting turns this year. Common festival trends in Summer 2016 consisted of; glitter roots, glitter beards, glitter lips and glitter pits. Glitter pits in particular sought to celebrate women’s rights and freedom of expression, celebrities such as Miley Cyrus have also been quick to jump on the bandwagon and support the trend. Not only is the trend a fantastic way to spice up your festival look but people are now using it as a heightened form of contouring. Drawing attention to cheek bones and adding a truly feminine touch to the festival culture.

Festival goers this year have even adopted the ‘glitter roots’ trend as a way to stay glamorous and feminine during the three-day long camping trip. I myself am a glitter lover and for this year’s Parklife festival I ‘went all out’. Ordering individual gems from eBay (easy to stick on using eyelash glue), and buying glitter from Topshop, local craft stores and WHSmith’s. My personal favourite design was to use a range of glitter from the larger more vibrant selection you get from WHSmith and Topshop, to the delicate ‘fairy dust’ that most craft stores supply. Starting with the fairy dust as a light layer around my eyes and cheek bones, then adding a secondary layer of the thicker glitter, finally completing the look by using a range of different sized gems around my eyes and cheek bones to add a dramatic touch. Not only did I have fun wearing it, I also really enjoyed creating designs on the faces of my friends, varying the method and designs for each person. One of which was my personal favourite was to use same coloured gems and create a line above the eyebrows and break this up with a bindi in the middle. This added colour and was a more creative design – one we didn’t see much of at the festival! Despite the Manchester weather and rain, we our glitter managed to stay intact and still looked fresh by the end of the day.

My top tips for anyone wanting to try this out would be – to make the glitter stay use Vaseline or carmex (as bizarre as it sounds it really works!) and to make sure the gems (or bindi’s as many people also wore) use eyelash glue – its not hard to take off at the end of the day but everything stays all day long! Despite glitter being a nuisance to get rid of it can’t be argued that the trend looks like it’s here to stay.

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