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Beginner’s Guide to Depop

Seen all the celebs selling their designer buys on Depop? Wondered how the Depop app works? You’re in luck! Our new intern Natasha Rushton has gone back to basics and given us a beginner’s guide to the app!

The all too familiar struggle of trying to look effortlessly stylish on a student budget can be solved with the app Depop. With its Instagram-like layout and user-friendly interface, you can buy and sell clothes, shoes and accessories as easily as uploading photographs onto Facebook.

Being something of a rookie when it comes to selling my wares online, I was urged to download Depop by my friend, a Fashion and Textiles student, who claimed that “everyone in Leeds does it.” Needless to say, I have often tried grappling with sites such as eBay in an attempt to sell the things that I just never seem wear anymore, but I haven’t stuck at it for very long. The app’s accessibility means that it doesn’t take long to get to grips with, and features such as having suggested followers enable you to quickly connect with friends on Facebook and see what they’re selling, too. My attention was caught pretty shortly after I downloaded Depop, as I found myself with over 150 followers in the first couple of days.

Having spent a suitable amount of time foraging around the depths of the app, I soon discovered that Depop is a place for the fashion lovers; ranging from the fashion conscious students on a budget, to high-end brands as far-flung as Hong Kong. The personalised aspect of the app is a standout factor in its success. You can upload as many as five images of your item, filtering them as you please in order to optimise the appeal to your potential customers. This free rein with images allows users to upload an image of them wearing the specific item to effectively market the product. There is also a social media-esque ‘explore’ page, providing the interface to search for items and users, as well as a tailored selection of suggested items that you may enjoy.

When it comes to actually selling your things, it could not be any easier. During my brief stint on Depop, I have managed to sell my pair of Adidas Superstars in the space of a week. Discovering the secret to selling things is to choose current and popular items. This is what I believe sets Depop apart from eBay and gives it a fashionable edge. While eBay benefits users seeking to ‘clear the closet out’ and get rid of the old, Depop allows you to buy something new and at its current height of popularity (that is before you then sell it on, just in time for the next fashion trend). This means that you can be continuously on top of the current trends—even if things are sold out on the high street, all while you are saving some money. While I may not be a Depop pro, I can see myself using this app for the foreseeable future. Depop should be a smartphone essential for both the fashion- and finance-conscious.

Happy shopping / selling!

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