would you wear this

Would you Wear This?

Images taken from Style.com

This week saw the second season of London Collections: Men and there has been much discussion over what appears to be some of the wackiest collections ever to appear on the menswear catwalks.

While it’s great to see Men’s fashion becoming more directional, of which the launch of LC:M has played a big part, it’s questionable whether many of these crazier designs will appeal to the everyday guy. So we thought it would be fun to ask ‘Would YOU wear this?’ about some of the pieces which have graced the AW13 catwalks in the last week. Brace yourselves…

1. Head to toe Colour, as seen as at Topman Design – This hue of orange was a major trend across a lot of the shows and we are sure that accents of the colour will end up in your wardrobe come next Winter, but would you be brave enough to wear it head to toe?

2. Giant Knitwear, as seen at Sibling – We realise it gets rather chilly in this part of the world but this is taking keeping warm to another level. On the other hand if you are avoiding your ex it could be the way forward as all but a glimpse of your face is revealed.

3. Socks and Sandals, as seen at Meadham Kirchoff – This trend has been slowly creeping up on us for a few seasons now and despite most of the general public saying a firm NO it doesn’t seem to let up. Will AW13 be the season British Men embrace the sock and sandal?

4. Frilled Shorts and ‘skorts’, as seen at J.W Anderson – Most Men may be familiar with this designers name after being dragged into Topshop by their other half and being given less than subtle hints about purchasing his collaboration pieces before they sold out, however after this showcase of skirts and frilled shorts for Men, they may be familiar with him for altogether different reasons.

5. High Shine, as seen at Katie Eary – Perhaps not quite as wacky as the above four looks, this wouldn’t look out of place in some clubs in East London but high shine fabrics are usually reserved for the young female generation. Would you rock the cellophane wrapper look?

It could be a wacky and wonderful Winter this year!