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New Client Announcement – Cream Cornwall

PR & Digital Communications Agency, TASK PR has been appointed to manage all UK press and publicity for homeware brand Cream Cornwall. Rebecca Heane and Alison Hughes founded Cream Cornwall in 2012 after discovering a shared passion for creating homeware products evocative of Cornwall that were tasteful, high quality and made in Britain. 

After 14 years in Australia, Rebecca had returned to her native Cornwall. She knew that she wanted to create a brand that epitomised the beauty and diversity of the county and had begun to explore colours and designs for a paint and textile range. Allison had been working for many years as a trend forecaster for a well known design studio in London. It was after a visit to Cornwall to see family that she realised how fed up she was of her daily commute down the Old Kent Road and decided that she’d much rather be driving through Cornish lanes.  This lead to a return to the Cornish coast a year later. 

With a shared vision agreed upon, the next challenge would be what to call their new venture. The pair went back and forth on a list of Cornish place names and associated words before one leapt off the page; Cream! It wasn’t just a reference to the colour, the food they both love or being the “best of “, but it’s safe to say the infamous nightclub in Liverpool and Rebecca’s crush on Eric Clapton in her teens also had a bearing on the choice of name! 

The pair were so excited when they got their first samples of mugs that they put them in Allison’s front window. When people started knocking on the door wanting to buy them, they knew they had created something people wanted. This led them to starting their initial online business, wholesaling to shops throughout the UK and overseas, before opening the business’ first shop in Falmouth 2016. This was followed up in July 2018, when they opened in St Ives. 

In each beautiful product you’ll find Cream Cornwall’s distinct coastal identity – inspiration for which Rebecca and Allison find everywhere- and their shared background in textiles, design and trend forecasting affords the entire range a level of quality and attention to detail that keeps customers returning time and time again 

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