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From Germany to London…

Hi Guys,

It’s Larissa here, I have just started my internship here at Task PR. I moved over to London from Germany to carry out my work experience and as I am here for 6 months I am working on making myself feel at home in this great, big city. The first step was to make my flat feel like home, however, in the age of Pinterest, I wanted to escape the home furninshing uniformity set by the well-known Swedish chain we all are in a love-hate relationship with; IKEA. So last Sunday I checked out what Stoke Newington had to offer (and I recommend you do the same!) Here are some of my favourites so far;
Hackney D.I.Y Art Market:
This monthly flee market shows unique, handmade pieces for affordable prices. About 50 independent artists and makers show their work, ranging from drawings, comics, photography, origami and much more.
Abney Hall, 73A Stoke Newington Church Street
This cute little shop makes you want to wrap yourself up amoungst pillows, rugs and blankets and never leave the house again until Spring! They also sell furniture, gifts, kitchenware and adorable advent calendars for children.
96 Stoke Newington Church Street.
Search & Rescue
So many beautiful colours, textures and patterns, as well as, must-have scented candles! Wrapping paper too pretty to rip, pillows, rugs and blankets galore…I want it all! You’ll see things you never knew you needed before but know you have to have! I fell head over heels in love with a certain graphic printed armchair…Oh if  only I had the space in my tiny room!
129 Stoke Newington Church Street
I left with a scented candle and writing my wish list…
Larissa @ Team Task