Center Parcs Adventure…

This weekend Team Task headed to Center Parcs in Elveden Forest for an adventure packed team building weekend! We left London in a torrential downpour on Friday afternoon, trying to remain positive about the summer BBQ we had planned for that evening, only to be pleasantly surprised by sun when we reached our log cabins in Elvenden.

I won’t bore you with all the details of our shenanigans as ‘What happens in Center Parcs, stays in Center Parcs’ but I can confirm that we had ALOT of fun… here is just a few snippets to keep you entertained.

Our BBQ on the first night, Completely overdressed for our evening entertainment – a night with Take That 2, The Take That Boys take to the stage and perform their Circus number providing us with one of the most hilarious nighte ever!, The best Kodak moment – Lesley-Ann cosies up with Take That 2’s Howard and Jason, Team Task Put a ring on it!

Thanks Center Parcs for having us!