Amazonas Sandals Launch in the UK!

Did you know that most synthetic flip flops take up to 700 years to decompose on a landfill? Crazy right?

Well if you are already feeling bad about purchasing five pairs for your upcoming Summer Holiday then don’t despair as we have an exciting and ethical alternative…

New stylish and sustainable flip flop label Amazonas has now launched in the UK and as well as being made from recycled car tyres and latex from the native rubber trees of the Amazon Rainforest, their rubber is also 100% biodegradable, taking only 5 years to decompose on a landfill!

Alongside this Amazonas believes that flip-flops should be comfortable, and with their years of experience in footwear manufacturing they guarantee comfort in their product.

Not only do Amazonas support the environment with their sustainable practices, but they also believe in supporting the local communities, keeping the people of the local ‘River Community’ at the heart of the business. All product is designed and manufactured in Brazil.

So this Summer you can look cool on the beach with their huge array of bright coloured gladiators, sandals and flip flops AND feel good about your contribution to the environment at the same time!

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