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Behind The Tasks… The All American Road trip!

This week, Menswear Account Manager Caroline, shares her plans for the trip of a lifetime this Summer…

By Caroline Burr

I am a holiday and adventure junkie, I love nothing more than exploring new Countries, people watching, and immersing myself in the local way of life. This year, my boyfriend and I are taking a trip of a lifetime in the form of a road trip to the U S of A!

We’re starting in LA, I cannot wait to visit nice restaurants, chill out, and visit Beverly Hills (Pretty Woman is my all-time favourite film)!  I may even opt to roller blade down Venice Beach.

From there we’re travelling up the coast to Santa Barbara and the Big Sur which I am really excited about, it looks amazing, and we will definitely be factoring in some wine tasting at one of the valleys during our visit.

Our next stop is the one I personally cannot wait for, Yosemite National Park where we’re going to be hiking and being very ‘outdoorsy’. The views look to be spectacular so I hope this compensates for the five hour hike to the half dome!  We were originally planning to camp right in the centre but after reading about the bear cages; we decided a lodge just outside of the park may be wiser.

Our last stop is the beautiful San Francisco where I have visited a few times previously, I can’t wait to cycle the bridge and visit the vintage Shops of Haight Ashbury where flower power was born.  The atmosphere around there is so unique, it’s like going back in time.

With all of our accommodation nearly booked our next step is a little more competitive as we’re each compiling compilation CD’s of Road Trip songs. Two weeks, one car – they’re bound to get repetitive, so tips welcome, thanks y’all!

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