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Behind The Tasks – Cufflinks, Wallets and Ferraris

This week Junior Account Executive Tom tells all about visiting new client GTO London’s headquarters and driving in vintage Ferraris!

By Thomas Camilleri

Here at TASK we’re very proud to be working with our newest client, GTO London. GTO London is the brainchild of Victoria Lyon whose family founded the Ferrari specialist business that inspired GTO in the 80s.

The company restores, reconditions and builds classic Ferraris. With some of the models they bring in there are parts of the chassis that can’t be reused for the new car so they’re melted down so as to create beautiful and unique cufflinks. Even the old leather seats don’t go to waste as not only do they inspire their range of leather goods but also provide the material for them. You could well be carrying your credit cards in a wallet that toured continental Europe in the Ferrari golden age throughout the 60s.

On Wednesday we headed out into the countryside to Twyford to visit the company headquarters, where we were picked up by Ben Lyon, managing director for the company and son of Mark Lyon who founded the original business. Once there we were shown around the garages, conveniently converted from old stables with a large central courtyard. The cars in the garages were mind-boggling. Beautiful classic road stallions they truly are. The craftsmanship that went into these cars was so dedicated and unique that some of the detailing from cigarette cases built into the car to the stitching on the interiors is masterfully artisanal.

Once we were done with our meeting we were in for a ride, literally. Kevin, one of the oldest members of staff at the garage took us round in a reconditioned Ferrari that had just finished a 1000Km rally around Italy and my first impression was how low the car was. My knees were at chest level and everything inside was pristine – this car had only recently been completed. And before I knew it I was on the road, hitting 140 in seconds with a roaring whirlwind of resounding growling emanating from beneath that deceptively elegant bonnet. Make no mistake, this is a beast that not every mere mortal can take on and master. Kevin has driven these behemoths of the automotive industry for decades and once inside you’re given the impression that he melts into his seat and becomes one with this mighty carriage.

We’re truly excited to be working with a brand that comes from this exciting heritage. Watch this space!