Barbie Core

Embrace the Pink Vibe!

Remember the time when the fashion world was swept away by the “coastal grandmother” trend? Well, there’s a fresh and captivating style sensation making waves in the fashion scene, and it draws its inspiration from none other than Barbie herself.

Setting aside the plastic, this trend, known as “Barbiecore,” is utterly delightful. The pink aesthetic has firmly established itself as a fashion essential throughout 2022. However, the latest trend involves not just wearing it in the hottest shade of pink, but also combining it with nostalgic accessories.

When the Barbie film premiered on July 21, the colour pink has occupied the thoughts of many ever since images of Margot Robbie portraying the iconic Mattel doll emerged from the set last June.

As the official Barbie trailer has now hit the screen, it’s clear that all things pink are here to stay—and this includes her signature accessories! From her pink plastic purses to her pink platform pumps (for those moments when she’s not rollerblading, naturally), Barbiecore has effortlessly become a summer essential this year.

Learn a lesson or two from Robbie, who has embraced the Barbie essence even when not filming, flawlessly recreating the Mattel doll’s outfits during the movie’s press tour. However, while the much-awaited film, directed by Greta Gerwig, is a contributing factor, it’s not the sole reason we find ourselves living in a real-life Barbie fantasy.

In truth, the trend has been on the ascent since the Valentino Fall runway show of 2022, which debuted in March. This trend, labeled Valentino Pink PP in honor of the fashion house’s creative director, Pierpaolo Piccioli, has seen celebrities grace red carpets and festival stages adorned in this beloved hue.

From the trend’s origins to its wardrobe essentials, here’s your comprehensive guide to the Barbiecore craze.