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3 tips from a digital intern

Name: Melissa

Role: Digital Marketing & Social Media Intern

Where: Task PR

Here I am, at the end of my three months internship at TASKPR. It has been challenging sometimes, and in other was so much fun. It has been until now one of the best experiences to start my career. I have learnt how a PR agency works, how to organise events, how to deal with clients and to manage different digital channels -but even more important I have learnt how to survive my first internship and manage workload! If this is something you can relate to, please keep on reading Here are my 3 top tips!!

1)            DO NOT PANIC – Easy to say, harder to do but when in stressful situations the importance is to stay calm and focused on your task. You are there to learn so a little delay or mistake will be understood  – it’s all about team work!

2)            BE CURIOUS AND PROACTIVE – You are already learning lots but the much the better. Keep always an eye on what is going on around you, take every free moment to stay informed about the last trends, that new movie or a popular hashtag. Everything can be useful when it comes to PR and for sure you’re going to impress your manager.

3)            HAVE FUN – Never, ever forget to have fun, for how many challenges and difficulties you may face this is a great experience also to connect with others and to make new friends. Although the internship will finish you will still have good friends and great memories.