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TASK TRAVELS 5: BALI With the white sand beaches, cheeky monkeys and night time party paradises, why not head to Bali?

In installment five, #TaskTravels heads to Indonesia, exploring the islands of Bali, and Lombok among others. The paradise has gotten itself a name for being the destination to head for calm yoga retreats, awe inspiring scenery, beach huts and the perfect instagram.

Olivia, Digital Manager, took some time to swim with the local turtles, sample the unusual forms of transport (cable car to a bar anyone?) and relax in infinity pool overlooking the rice fields. In Ubud, the monkey temples combine the amusement of being closer than ever before to primates, with the cultural experience of learning about the religious history of the region.

Olivia begun her trip in Seminyak, the arty, gallery filled creative quarter with beautiful wide coastlines littered with interesting people. Here you can enjoy parties on the beach in temperatures surrounded by the hip bars. After a few short yoga classes, Olivia embarked on a backpacking style trip to the Gili Islands, an archipelago known for its exceptionally beautiful coral reefs. There are many places in Bali and the surrounding areas that we recommend, from the secluded, romantic spots in Gili Air to the tropical utopia that is Ubud.

What are you waiting for? Bail won’t remain unspoilt for long- book your trip to paradise now!