Case study

Case study of Maurice Lacroix

Launched on April 24, The French Job project saw Maurice Lacroix team up with esteemed professional Free Diver Sébastien Murat as he attempted to break the free-diving world record by diving over 204 metres below sea level. The partnership was in conjunction with the launch of the brand’s first ever sports watch, The Pontos S.

TASK PR was briefed to communicate information on both the campaign and the competition throughout the UK media. To obtain both print and online coverage in order to raise awareness of the competition and achieve the following objectives:

  • Maximise views to the French Job Video Encourage entries to the competition Increase numbers of followers and fans throughout the Maurice Lacroix social media channels
  • Drive traffic to the French Job website
  • Build Hype around the launch of the Pontos S

Our results

Our results

TASK PR achieved a fantastic amount of press coverage including an exclusive interview in Shortlist magazine, the front page of City AM, and over fifty pieces of press coverage plus a staggering amount of tweets and share across social media platforms.

TASK PR contributed to the over 10 million views to The French Job Video and 353 applications to the competition worldwide, 1.2 million votes worldwide Referrers (number of Websites that have posted the video): 5,970 websites Page views  and 162,342 views on  Facebook.

TASK PR contributed to the success of the French Job which has won prestigious awards like the Corporate Communications Award in the social media category at the Swiss Award and the  European Digital Communication Award for “Best Product Launch”

Client testimonials

Words from Maurice Lacroix

From the very beginning, TASK PR have always been enthusiastic and their positive approach is second to none. This is noticeable in every e-mail and phone call and has translated into quality coverage in our target publications. The TASK team members are always pleasant, professional and 100% reliable

Matthew Lefevre | Sales & Marketing Director