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TASK travels: installment one Rotterdam


Welcome to Task Travels, trip number one! As a fashion and lifestyle agency, the team spends lots of time in and out of the office, on exciting expeditions exploring the European continent and beyond. From Bali and Brussels to Amsterdam and Rotterdam, each week we’ll be giving you the Task insight into the top destinations.

Forget googling impersonal sites to let you know where to go on your weekend away- check back each week to learn about the best parts of each place right from Task PR’s head office.

Firstly, we begin with Rotterdam! Found nestled in the south of Holland, Rotterdam is the cooler younger sister of Amsterdam, without all the bustling crowds yet still retaining all of the Dutch charm. There are not only free outdoor galleries including work by Pablo Picasso, but the De Markthal. A large indoor food market with vibrant artistic architecture, De Markthal was the highlight of Senior Account Executive, Larissa Langers’ trip.

Describing the city as modern, with futuristic architecture and shopping filled with scandinavian style fashion and interior pieces, overall, the weekend away in the Netherlands was one of exploring the creative buildings, alluring cocktails and delectable local tastes.