Task PR stars in promotional video

TASK PR has been the subject for an exciting short film to promote a new range of laptops – the Levono Ideapad Ultrabook is a new ultra thin, super light and stylish laptop which has been designed with the fashionable working woman in mind… so clearly our ever stylish director Tamara was the obvious choice as the subject for the film.

Targeted at women the creative brains behind the campaign were looking for an ‘real life’ young fashion entrepreneur. Tamara, a founding director of TASK PR, started the agency in her living room 6 years ago and knows a thing or two about what it takes to set-up a successful PR business, which struck a cord with the producers.

It has been great fun for TASK PR to take part in the production of this commercial and see the finished result (see if you can spot our clients collections gracing the fashionable actresses) although Tamara has joked about the fact that Levono chose an ever so slightly ‘younger and prettier version’ to embody a day in Tamara’s life… but for those of us who work with her every day, we know Tamara is truly one of a kind so no actress could quite do her justice!

Check it out…