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SWINTER Wardrobe

Swinter Wardrobe: the new seasonal cross-over between summer and winter, has been created.

As we tirelessly try to put together an outfit that withstands four seasons in one day, our primal instinct is that of the hunter gatherer that inevitably results in a shopping spree. As tempting as all the shop windows seem at this time of year it is imperative to recall last year’s purchases that resulted in a wardrobe full of knitwear, yet another pair of black boots to add to the others that you already own and maxing out credit cards that left you feeling guiltier than Victoria Beckham after she has tucked into a McDonald’s double cheese burger. In order to avoid this seasonal mishap it is time to muster up the courage and face the contents of your wardrobe head on. You will be surprised what you will find stored away amongst the large supply of home clothes and pyjamas that you saved from your last year’s clear out.

Looking towards the northern hemisphere for Swinter inspiration is the best place to start. The Brits, Scandinavians and Germans are all pros of the summer meets winter look. The answer does not need to be as drastic as wearing socks and sandals or sheep skin Birkenstocks, but is as simple as layering which is the perfect solution when incorporating summer clothing such as waist coats, dungarees and lightweight bomber jackets with your winter basics.

This season’s autumn/winter collection’s sees pastels and white become a staple trend throughout the season. Be it a nod of colour or a full head to toe white suit, a la Amal Clooney, it is refreshing to see colour in a predominantly dark season. Mix with black, navy and burgundy and you can incorporate your summer pastel shirts and skirts that would have otherwise been locked away till spring. Culottes and mid-length skirts worn throughout summer are the perfect trans-seasonal piece, especially if you are not ready to bid farewell to your tanned legs. Team up with a polo-neck and trainers and you are good to go. This season also sees the return of wide legged trousers, knitted tank tops and denim skirts, so dig dip into the depths of your wardrobe amongst the pile of clothes that you have hung onto for the past decade.