A Mini Guide to the Perfect Day in Greenwich

After moving to Greenwich 2.5 years ago, I quickly fell in love. Being from Norway and someone who enjoy a piece of nature, I found out that I was lucky to have the best of both words. I could wander around the vibrant streets of London, and on the weekends unwind in Greenwich Park, all this at my doorstep.

What to see and do: When you speak of Greenwich what automatically comes to mind is the infamous Cutty Sark and the Royal Observatory that forms part of its popularity, but apart from its historical and tourist attractions, Greenwich is also for the Londoners who miss a piece of greenery to enjoy. Whether is the winter or the summer time, Greenwich is just has magical regardless of what season we might find ourselves in. A Sunday stroll through Greenwich Park in the colder months of the year and you are met by the many creatures that leave in the park. A not so shy squirrel that will happily come up to you and see if you are coming barring with gifts (in this case nuts) or if you are lucky enough, you get to see the many deer that reside within the park. And as the seasons change and the heat rises, you will be able to enjoy the parks many flower arrangements that make the perfect backdrop for you next Instagram post.

Where to eat: Although you might think of Greenwich as a small hidden gem, it has a lot of options when it comes to wining and dining. Apart from the Greenwich Market that takes you on a culinary expedition from Brazil to Ethiopia, one of my favourite restaurants to have lunch, especially during the summer time is Sticks & Sushi. A fusion between to cultures, Japanese and Danish, Sticks & Sushi does not disappoint. From its wide range of small platers, to my favourite sushi sharing board ‘Maki Maki’, the menu makes sure to cater everyone’s taste buds . But if the sun is shining and you would prefer to enjoy an afternoon out in the sun, why not head down to the Trafalgar Tavern, overlooking the river Thames, and enjoy a Trafalgar Burger or Sirloin Steak accompanied by a bottle of Peroni. If you are having a sweet tooth, why not head over to Peyton and Byrne and indulge in one of their many delicious pastries on display.

Author – Tatian Coelho