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Maurice Lacroix launch the Pontos S

If you have been following our tweets over the last few weeks then you will no doubt be up to full speed with The French Job project by Maurice Lacroix. However if you have been hiding under a rock for the last month and have no idea what we are talking about then let us fill you in slightly…
Luxury watch brand Maurice Lacroix recently pulled off a spectacular social media stunt in the run up to the launch of their first ever Sports watch, the Pontos S.

Launched on April 24, The French Job project saw Maurice Lacroix team up with esteemed professional Free-Diver Sébastien Murat as he attempted to break the free-diving world record by diving over 703 feet below sea level. Maurice Lacroix then launched a worldwide competition through its social media channels calling for a team of bloggers to document this amazing feat over two weeks. The opportunity saw 8 winners; an English blogger, Chinese blogger, Russian Blogger, German Blogger, WordPress expert, Video Blogger, Personal Assistant and Pool Boy, travel to the Cote D’ Azur in the South of France. Spending two weeks in a luxury villa with a personal chef they were charged with the task of documenting and spreading the word as Séb ‘The Sub’ Murat attempted to become the deepest man on earth.

The competition had a phenomenal response, receiving over 10 million views to the video, 353 applications from around the world and over 1.2 million votes. The lucky 8 winners have been blogging, photographing, filming and documenting everything from Seb’s techniques to what they ate for dinner each night and the whole thing has been published daily on the exclusive The French Job site.

The event has now come to a close and the bloggers have all returned to reality but for the rest of us the fun is only just beginning! The first ever sports offering from the prestigious watch brand, the Pontos S is set to launch at the beginning of July and is certainly something special. Water resistant up to 200m and offering many features essential to diving life, this watch not only looks good but performs well too. The watch is available in three different colours and also comes with a default steel strap so the look can be changed according to taste.

Sebastien Murat is now the official brand ambassador for the Pontos S and will continue to pursue his relationship with Maurice Lacroix in the coming season.

Check out the French Job for all of the updates and videos from Seb’s mission but for now we leave you with a look into Seb’s technique in one of the final videos from the event.