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How a Tamaris Shoe is Made!

Shoe production is very complex, it takes a number of individual pieces, put together by hand, before the first prototype is ready. Tamaris have been hot on the heels of the product managers and watched every step of the development of the shoes.
Below are the steps involved, from the first sketch to the finished shoe!


1. Defining the last & sole

First, the new lasts and soles are developed. They are the basis for the designer to work on and form the fundamental structure of every collection.

2. Design

The designer now works with the product manager to develop initial models. To do this, they draw the design either on paper or directly on the lasts; this allows the proportions of the shoe to be taken into account right away.

3. Choosing the material & colour

Once the models have been drawn, it is down to the product manager to select and combine the colours and materials.

4. Prototype development

Once the colours and materials have been decided, the first prototype can be created. To do this, each individual part is cut out and sewn together by hand. The prototype determines the design and quality of the shoe for mass production.