A Trip to Johnstons of Elgin

An educational day in Elgin!

Do you know how cashmere is made? Which part of the hair of the sheep is used and how difficult it is to make it soft and ready for you to wear it? We didn’t. For that reason, Johnstons of Elgin, one of the oldest and biggest textile factories of Scotland opened its doors to educate us and show us the art of making cashmere.

Our day started early in the morning as we had to head in Elgin. With our menswear team accompanied by four menswear bloggers, Mark O’ Connor from, Marcus Jaye from, David Evans from and Martell Campbell from it was more that interesting. From the minute we arrived, the experienced staff of the mill took really good care of us. After learning everything about the history of the company and its current activities, we moved to the production line.

From the stage of dying to knitting, finishing the product and adding the label to the scarves, jumpers, monks or blankets they do, Johnstons of Elgin is the only vertical Mill in Scotland transforming the raw material into the finished product or fabric. The whole procedure is impressive and needs attention to detail and lots of people working along. The perception we had that everything is done by machines is now over. If you need quality, people need to get included. And at Johnstons of Elgin they know that well.