BrandLab 360

BrandLab360 develops customised virtual showrooms that recreate a physical space, right down to the floorboards, the shape of the chairs and even the bespoke hangers. Buyers can browse through 360-degree showrooms, view individual garments including close-ups of fabric textures with clickable links to product and price information.

At the heart of BrandLab360’s revolutionary technology is an overriding aim to make people feel connected and immersed when they meet and transact online. With unique 3D environments and integrated live video functions the company enables industry professionals to feel connected with their peers, replicating a real-life experience as much as possible.

Newly introduced to BrandLab360 is an interactive digital rail for assortments. Buyers can explore the showrooms as first-person avatars and are now able to pick up specific items from various collections and add them to a virtual rail, instantly visualising selections which once confirmed, can be sent straight to an order.

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