THE WHOLE white yellow   rosé middle size Models

Premium, luxury leather handbag label Thaden is a demonstration of aesthetic ingenuity. Each handbag reflects the unique Swiss heritage of luxury and precision, handmade with traditional Italian craftsmanship.  

Thaden is the realisation of founder and artist Kristina Thaden’s ambition to create wearable sculptures with the launch of a one-of-a-kind luxury leather accessory brand, that celebrates the passion and multi-faceted nature of women.

The bags make an immediate statement at the intersection of art and fashion, they are sure to captivate the eye of both the wearer and those who encounter them. Founded in 2021 and launched at the end of last year, Thaden is available internationally to buy from the brands website and made by order.  

Each stitch on a Thaden bag tells the story of a design challenge mastered to perfection. So much more goes into a Thaden accessory than simply the most exquisite leather, wonderful gold-plated brass, hand-sewn parts that are crucial to form the functionalities to turn a piece of art into a bag.

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