Discover ROKHZ – where comfort, style, and well-being come together seamlessly. Founded by Natasha Mena in 2023, the brand caters to women seeking a blend of fashion, spirituality, and wellness, not just stylish shoes. 

Handcrafted in South Eastern Spain, the wellness-focused footwear combines impeccable craftsmanship with comfort and healing properties. Each shoe, a quality masterpiece, features soft vegan leather and a copper rivet embedded in the sole, grounding you with the earth and creating a direct connection with the sole of your foot. Precision-designed, ROKHZ shoes offer women access to the health benefits of grounding, enhanced by healing crystals. 

ROKHZ is more than footwear; it’s a fusion of fashion and function, providing technically advanced yet stylish options. Grounding, a well-established therapeutic practice, takes center stage. ROKHZ seamlessly blends the transformative effects of grounding with healing crystals, delivering a practical yet enchanting footwear experience. 

Say farewell to kicking off your shoes mid-evening with these wellness sandals. ROKHZ believes women should never choose between comfort and style. Our designs prioritize your relaxation, fostering a reconnection with the earth.