Using precious and semi-precious gemstones with vibrant enamel colours, set in 12K gold, Moushe brings together a world of fantasy and design to create collections with a bold personality. Moushe debuts its four main collections Moushe Love, Bee My Honey, Serpentine and Wheel of Fortune, which feature a range of earrings, statement rings, bangles, pendants and jewellery sets.

The creative force and founder behind the Moushe brand is Nabiha Sabzvari. Based in London, with her roots in Pakistan, her exposure to the various forms of arts adds a new cultural dimension to her thoughts and creativity when it comes to formulating Moushe’s jewellery identity. Nabiha took a problem-solving approach to establish her own brand with an aim to fill the gap and create a multi- functional jewellery collection. Each design has been carefully hand-crafted to ensure high quality in each piece of jewellery by Moushe Designs, working with the local artisans situated in the century old gold market in the sprawling city of Karachi, Pakistan.