Feather & Chain

Feather and Chain is unique, beautiful, boho and ethically conscious jewellery that is luxurious yet affordable.

Feather and Chain are committed to sustainability and have introduced Recycled sterling silver into their new Terra collection and moving forward are committed to using only recycled silver with plans to do the same with gold by the end of 2021. Additionally any unsold pieces can be sent back to be recycled and used again in Feather and Chain’s next designs.

Feather and Chain’s latest collection uses mainly cubic zirconia and nano crystals in their designs as these look identical to their mined equivalent, however man-made stones are fully traceable which makes them 100% ethical. An added bonus is the ability to grow stones with fewer variations in colour and quality which is great for design consistency and considerably reduces material waste. Feather and Chain believe natural stones are one of nature’s precious gifts and delight in working beautiful stones into their designs, however these are a finite resource, that when mined, can have an extremely damaging effect on both lives and the environment. Feather and Chain currently use responsibly sourced Amazonite and Moonstone.

For each piece of jewellery sold Feather and Chain donate £1 to Save the elephants – Elephant crisis fund