Daissy Ornelas

Daissy Ornelas’ designs capture her love for Art Deco architecture, inspired by that of the Downtown Los Angeles area and her travels to Europe.

Bringing together architecture with luxury footwear, Daissy Ornelas’ beautiful collection merges her love for structured lines with the unparalleled quality of the Italian footwear manufacturing traditions. Daissy Ornelas’s first collection is made up of three key styles – the Bibi, the Gwen and the Bella. Vintage glamour, vibrant colour combinations, smooth lines, and precious materials come together in the designs to evoke the spirit of the Art Deco movement.

Handcrafted in Northern Italy, Daissy Ornelas’ shoes are made exclusively out of premium Italian leather, carefully selected and meticulously stitched by the hands of skilled artisans. The artisanal nature of the manufacturing process not only guarantees increased softness and flexibility for the wearer but also ensures each piece of footwear to be exclusive and unique.